Thugjacker Half

By: Team Sokay

Life in the hood becomes no good when Deebone is abducted by crooked code enforcement officers.

Thugjacker: Half (Screen 1)Thugjacker: Half (Screen 2)Thugjacker: Half (Screen 3)Thugjacker: 'Oh Dear'Thugjacker: 'Getcha'Thugjacker: 'The World is Mine'Thugjacker: 'Officer 2'Thugjacker: 'Bring It (Concept)'Thugjacker: 'Realized (Concept)'Thugjacker: 'Whatnow (Concept)'Thugjacker: 'The World is Mine (Concept)'

Game by Bryson Whiteman and Ricky Enriquez
Artwork by Ricky Enriquez
Program by Bryson Whiteman
Dope Beats by Jarvis Jones
Omega Team is Manny Salguero

Special Thanks to
Erin C. House, Matthew Harris, Manny Salguero, Ramiro Roman Jr., David Liu

Description artwork by Raul Alvarado II

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