Live in your music with Raybeem.

Raybeem FAQ


Play Modes

  • Play
    • Load & Play MP3 files on your computer.
  • Stream
    • Stream web radio stations.
  • React
    • While Raybeem is paused, Raybeem will react to any audio played on your computer. This can be used to listen to music played on YouTube, Spotify, podcasts, mic input, etc.
    • React will listen to different audio channels on your PC based on [SETTINGS] > [REACT MODE]

Play Controls

  • Playlist Name
    • Clicking this area will bring up current playlist.
  • React Mode
    • When [REACT] is displayed, React Mode is active and Raybeem will react to external music.
  • Track Name
    • Clicking this area will bring up current playlist.
  • Track Timeline
  • Volume Slider
  • Play/Pause
  • Next/Previous Track
  • Repeat
  • Shuffle
  • Screenshot
    • Captures a screenshot and saves it to "Raybeem/Screenshots/" directory.


Expand Raybeem Menu

  • Click to expand and collapse [MENU].

How to Add Music to Playlist*

  • Select a playlist that you want to add music to.
  • Navigate to MP3 files on your computer and select "Open".
  • You selected MP3s will be added to the end of your playlist.

How to Remove Music from Playlist*

  • Select the [-] button on the track in the playlist to remove.

How to Change Playlist Order*

  • Select the [UP ARROW] & [DOWN ARROW] buttons on the track in the playlist to move the track's position.

How to Rename Playlist*

  • Select the playlist name at the top of the screen and enter your name. Hit ENTER key to save.

How to Add Streams

  • Locate installed Raybeem directory.
  • Open the file: "Raybeem/Raybeem_Data/StreamingAssets/Playlists/stream.xml"
  • Add a new XML entry for your station URL.
    • You can open your station's .m3u or .pls file in a text editor to locate stream addresses.

How to Enable React Mode

  • When React Mode is enabled, Raybeem will react to external audio (YouTube, Spotify, microphone, etc.).
  • When React Mode is activated when Raybeem is paused and [REACT] is displayed in the play controls.
  • Set which audio channel to listen to in [SETTINGS] > [REACT MODE]

* NOTE: changes made to playlists are saved automatically.


How to Activate VR

  • Raybeem will automatically detect a VR headset on boot if VR mode is activated in [SETTINGS].
  • If VR doesn't activate, try setting "VR" to [ON] in [SETTINGS] or VR TOGGLE shortcut (SHIFT+V keys).

* NOTE: Raybeem currently supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Other OpenVR HMDs may be compatible.

Shortcut Keys

  • Play/Pause: SPACE
  • Prev Track: ALT + Left Arrow
  • Next Track: ALT + Right Arrow
  • Prev Theme: SHIFT + Left Arrow
  • Next Theme: SHIFT + Right Arrow
  • Screenshot: F12
  • Toggle VR: SHIFT + V
  • Toggle Fullscreen: F